Week 31 2018, we filled Stockhagens IP in Danderyd with 240 guys and girls of different ages for summer's football clinics with the Real Madrid Foundation! The first two days were the football school open for children born 05-08 and the last three for children born 02-05. Real Madrid sent five experienced coaches and, to our help, we had about 20 good assistant coaches from clubs around Sweden. The children were usually divided into groups of about 20-25 players and received two passes a day. All players were given lunch, fruit, a training stand, football and a diploma. Real Madrid also brought a ski bag to each player. The training was conducted according to Real Madrid's methodology with a lot of game exercises. The ball was in the next every exercise.

It was very fun to see all players' involvement and how they developed at the football school these days. The main purpose of the clinic is to have fun! And we think that most people had. In addition to learning soccer in a little new way, it's a perfect opportunity to create new friends from other clubs. The only sad thing was that the clinic was sold out so quickly, which meant we could not give anyone who would be able to come. All players are warmly welcome back to Rea Madrid Foundation clinics 2018 when we come back again!