For the fifth year, CoachenEvents organizes clinics with Real Madrid Foundation in Sweden. It has become a tradition for many young footballers to go to Real Madrid's football school every summer. Of course we are very happy and we see that interest is increasing all the time.

This summer we will be at Danderyds Arena just north of Stockholm. We were there also in 2018 and thought it worked very well! This summer we again have an elite clinics aimed at players as a player of a little higher level and focusing on the football. It was successful last year when many talented players came and got to work out with others at the same level. We will also run goalkeeper clinic, it was also very appreciated and new for 2019 is that we have two clinics, both for the younger and the elderly.

We hope that we will meet you even this summer and look forward to a nice week at Danderyds Arena. Read more about our clinics with the Real Madrid Foundation here 

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