Coach clinic with Dinamo Zagreb

 On the 31/10/10/11, CoachEvents arranged a course for football coaches at Djursholm's IP. We held a very appreciated coach course with Dinamo Zagreb last winter and now we wanted to give the coaches who missed that opportunity the chance to get a similar review. The club nurtures plenty of top players and is Europe's top tier at the youth level. In recent years, the A-team has also become more and more successful and now plays in the Champions League. We are many who are curious about what is behind these successes.

During two evenings, Ivan, Marco and Andelko talked about how to work with youth training at the club. They described how the academy is organized and what principles and values ​​apply. We also got to see examples of different exercises used in the club.

The course included 18 participants from different clubs who we hope brought with them a lot of inspiration and new knowledge to use in their own teams.

Big thanks to all participants and Andelko. Ivan and Marco for a couple of inspiring evenings!