230 boys and girls from all over Sweden participated in this summer's clinics with the Real Madrid Foundation

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For the sixth consecutive year we are organizing clinics with the Real Madrid Foundation. The clinic is held week 32 in Stockholm

Assistant Academic Director Andelko Ivanjko talks about the successful work of Dinamo Zabreb's academy.

Andelko, Marco and Ivan from Dinamo Zagreb's academy was responsible for the training during the clinic.

We had a wonderful year with both Tottenham Hotspur, Real Madrid Foundation and Dinamo Zagreb.

Ricardo, Juan Carlo, Sergio, Luis and Pablo - our coaches from Real Madrid Foundation.

 180 players from all over the country participated in CoachenEvent's clinic with Tottenham Hotspur at Danderyds Arena 24-28/6.

 Ugo Klingor and Andjelko Ivanjko held an inspiring clinic about the work in the academy of Dinamo Zagreb