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In the autumn holidays you are warmly welcome to our clinic with Tottenham Hotspur. We are at Danderyds Arena and our clinic is open to all children born between 2002-2009. You can train with coaches from Tottenham Academy. A perfect opportunity for those who are serious about their football to get extra training during the autumn holidays. Keep in mind that there are limited places so do not delay for a long time to register! Update: The clinics are sold-out!
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Stay and play football in Spain for a year

Are you over 15 years old, love to play football and want to test how it is to live in Spain for some time? We give you the chance to come to TNGS Sports in Valencia and stay at their facility. You can play high-level football and study at the University of Valencia for an entire year. You can train and play matches with a local Spanish team during your stay in Valencia.
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Welcome to our Tottenham Hotspur clinics

CoachenEvents is the Swedish partner of Tottenham Hotspur. Each year we arrange a number of clinics with the English Premier League club. This will give you a chance to train with coaches from Tottenham Hotspurs Academy. Our clincs are open to girls and boys ages 8-15 years. Remember to sign up early as these clinics usually get booked quickly.
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